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New Treasures for old Gold

We all have some old, broken or unloved jewellery and silver that we shut the lid of a box on and forget about. 


Our team here love your old broken bits and can offer several services:


  1. Trade them for hard cash! We will pay top price for gold, silver and even diamonds.

  2. If your broken treasures are sentimental we can repair them. Restring beads, reset gems, even cut new gems if they are missing.

  3. Rework the gold or silver into new works of art that are more desirable to you. 


Old wedding and engagement rings can be liberated into that special piece just for you!!


Take the old-fashionedness out of your pieces. Be creative with one of the designers to make something new. Have up to date images of your piece in the making. Still keep your sentimental gold and silver but transform it into the treasure you have always desired!! 


Enjoy Ibex Gold x

Scrap gold and silver
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