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Quality Assurance

Ibex has been established since 1999 and we have been producing bespoke jewellery and designs for over 20 years. All processes are performed by experts in their respective fields, with highly trained and experienced craftsmen who specialise in each process – including diamond setting, electroplating, casting, Hallmarking, cutting and engraving.


All Ibex pieces come with traditional UK Hallmarks by the Goldsmith’s Assay Office in London. They process and test precious metals to guarantee the purity of the alloys. The Hallmark consists of a series of marks indicating the type and purity of metal, where the piece was hallmarked and the makers mark. Ibex has its own makers mark identifying all Ibex designs , so whenever you see this mark you can be sure it was hand-crafted by our highly skilled team.

Traditional UK Hallmarks explained
Chart showing Diamonds explained
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